A revolutionary, safe and effective treatment for the instant removal of Haemorrhoids

The Rafaelo® Procedure, the new walk in walk out treatment for all grades of internal haemorrhoids, utilises safe and reliable radio frequency technology to reduce, and in most cases, eliminate, the common symptoms of internal haemorrhoids.

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The unique Rafaelo® Procedure, developed by Dr Tomasz Klos has successfully treated over 2,000 patients in a 3 year period with remarkable results and no known recurrence of symptoms.

Introduced in the UK in 2015 by Modern Aesthetic Solutions Ltd, The Rafaelo® Procedure derives its name from its application, namely: 

the RAdio Frequency treatment of hAEmorrhoids under LOcal anaesthetic

Whilst most surgeons have their preferred treatment for the removal of haemorrhoids, generally depending upon the grade, no-one professes to have found one treatment which is entirely satisfactory above all others.  

All traditional treatments incur some element of inter-procedural or post-procedural pain for the patient and generally the recurrence rates have been shown to hover around the 30% mark across the board. In many cases, traditional treatments require the costly use of theatre space, with some procedures taking up to an hour to complete, and most requiring post-operative after-care to aid patient recovery.

The Rafaelo® Procedure can take a fraction of the time to perform, is relatively painless for the patient with them often requiring no more than mild sedation and local anaesthetic.

The Rafaelo® procedure is generally offered as a day-case procedure in Endoscopy (relieving the burden on theatres) and in most cases the patient leaves shortly after treatment with no pain whatsoever. Multiple patients report returning to a normal, haemorrhoid free lifestyle the same day!

The procedure:

  • Is minimally invasive.
  • Is a day case procedure.
  • Can be performed using only local anaesthetic.
  • Usually takes no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Is almost painless.
  • Requires minimal post-operative recovery time

What are the risks?

All treatments and procedures have risks.

The risks post procedure and during the following 2 weeks include: –

  • Mild bleeding or spotting.
  • Anal discharge.

Other rarer complications post procedure includes: –

  • Recurrence of symptoms
  • Infection
  • Ulceration
  • Fissure

The Consultant performing this procedure at Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital is:

Ms Bryony Lovett, Consultant General Surgeon

Contact Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital to book an appointment today. Experts at Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital provide advice to help you make the right choices at the right time. Contact: 01277 695 695. www.nuffieldhealth.com

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