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Most older people and their families only begin to find out about care services when a need arises. Then they must enter the mystifying world of care information, a maze that is hard to navigate. In December, I gave a presentation to an older gentleman’s business group and once again the overwhelming message received from the group, was that they were unaware of the services available, the financial costs, whether the State could help or not, what was the difference between social care and health care and how should they choose one agency/aged care facility from another, etc.

Until a National Public Information project is put in place to inform the public about the Care Sectors and the choices, implications, etc. the situation will not improve and as the aging population is increasing, so will the lack of knowledge. We need to turn a negative into a positive, 2018 is a good year to start.

Angela Gifford of Able Community Care.

Happy to answer any general care questions or send you our free brochures about the 24/7 care services we provide nationwide.

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