Chef of the Year at Clayburn Court

Rob Devonshire, Head Chef at Anchor’s Clayburn Court care home in Peterborough recently won the prestigious Chef of the Year competition.  

Rob defeated seven fellow Anchor chefs in a special cook-off at the University of Birmingham. Michelin star chef Tom Shepherd judged the entries and said how impressed he was with the overall standard.  

“This has really opened my eyes into what care homes provide for their residents, and how difficult this was for me to pick a winner. As far as I am concerned – they were all winners but I have to say, Rob’s rack of lamb was cooked to perfection, and his beautiful French pudding, Mille-Feuille complimented it perfectly. Congratulations to Rob.”

Anchor’s Clayburn Court care home in Clayburn Road takes great pride in the range of high quality, seasonally focused and nutritionally balanced available to residents on a daily basis. Rob is committed to making mealtimes a sociable and pleasurable part of the day and this award is testament to that philosophy.

The meals are created, not just with a deep understanding of each resident’s specific needs, but with an awareness of the important personal role food plays in all our lives.  After all, we all know that when it comes to food, individual tastes and preferences are everything.

That’s why at Clayburn Court the catering team makes an effort to get out of the kitchen and speak to the people they cook for every day, finding out about their likes and dislikes and discovering more about the people they cook for. We all have strong memories associated with certain recipes, foods, specific meals and for Clayburn Court care home, it’s vital that the food they serve reflects this.

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