Colchester County High School for Girls

At Colchester County High School for Girls we see the benefits of single sex education every day in our well rounded, confident and high achieving students.  

CCHSG is one of the top performing 11-18 state schools in the country providing an exceptional opportunity for girls to develop their talents, enjoy themselves and flourish as individuals. While our students are aspirational top achievers, the atmosphere within the school is relaxed and secure.  This environment is created, in part, because students can be themselves in class, and they can speak openly and honestly. Our classrooms are dynamic, creative and full of ideas and in depth conversation. Our students are truly active learners who think independently and apply their learning to the real world. The inspiring personalised curriculum provides the freedom to explore knowledge and gain understanding, to question, challenge and discover. 

At CCHSG students can follow their own interests and aptitudes and there is a huge take up of Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry in the Sixth Form. Students from girls schools are more than twice as likely to opt for science or engineering degrees at university level than girls nationally.

Interestingly a significant proportion of female MPs and Board Members in FTSE 100 companies attended girls’ schools. This might be in part because girls in single-sex schools learn to feel confident about their ideas, voice their opinions and take on leadership roles.

Deciding on the right secondary school for your child can be one of the most difficult decisions that you ever take as a parent.   If your child seems to need more academic challenge than the majority of their peers you might also consider applying to a selective school like CCHSG. CCHSG is a state school, we do not charge fees, and places are applied for through the Local Education Authority.  Places are allocated selectively, by academic ability, based on performance in the 11+ test.  Please see Consortium of Selective Schools website for details

“Colchester County High School continues to offer exceptionally high quality education.  It continues to strive for, and achieves, excellence in all that it does.”  Ofsted: Outstanding

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