Do you ask for a price when you need a service?

It could be a plumber, an electrician, other tradesmen or professional that you suddenly have a need for, so you start to ring round to get help. You outline the problem and then ask for a price for the problem to be solved.

With this information and your feeling of confidence in the person you are speaking to, you make your decision to hire or not.

When family members are seeking care for an older relative they outline the health issues as to why care is needed, ask us what care we could offer and then the question ‘I don’t suppose you could give me an idea of cost/ball park figure could you?’

We are always happy to and can describe the individual factors that make up the average cost per week. Enquirers express their gratitude but say that they have spoken to other care providers and had not been able to get a monetary figure.

We checked this out by making some calls to our competitors. It was true, staff were very pleasant, empathetic but could not give a price until ‘we have met the person’, ‘visited the home and the person to be cared for’, ‘a registration fee for an assessment visit then a price would be given’. Despite saying that we were considering all avenues of care and the care solution would probably be based on cost, we were unable to get an average cost figure.

When people need a service, plumbing, electrical, gardening, window cleaning cost is an important part of the purchasing process. When you are not given an estimated cost, the natural re-action is to try someone else.

Purchasing care is no different. Usually it is a purchase that is likely to be on going, costing a considerable financial sum. Potential clients and their families need to know the cost.

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