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Nuffield Health LogoHips and knees are designed to last a lifetime but injury, accidents and osteoarthritis can leave your joints worn out and very painful. Our experts at Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital in orthopaedics and exercise share their tips for looking after your joints.

Hip and knee joints need to function well to perform the most basic and everyday movements, including standing, walking, running, bending and stretching.

Wear and tear can happen naturally over time and in some cases surgery, including hip replacements and knee replacements, may be the best course of action. But there are things you can do to reduce your risk of osteoarthritis and get the best performance out of your hips and knees, perhaps for many years to come.

There are many good reasons to lose weight, and looking after your joints is one of them. Hips and knees are load-bearing joints. The heavier you are, the more load they have to bear and the faster they’ll wear out.

You don’t have to lose much to make a big difference. For example, when you walk up or down a flight of stairs, the load on your knees is roughly seven times your body weight. If you’re overweight, that adds up very quickly. But losing just one stone will take around seven stone off your knee joint with every step.

Strengthen your joints with exercise – but take it easy

Excessive exercise can cause your joints to wear out prematurely. Many elite sports men and women find they have problems with their joints earlier in life than less active people, but that shouldn’t put you off exercise.

The benefits of regular exercise far outweigh the negatives. Building strong, flexible muscle around your hips and knees will ensure the joints don’t have to do all the work by themselves. Gentle exercise and stretches focused on your hips and knees can make a big difference to your ability to avoid and recover from injury and reduce wear and tear on the joints.

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