Get ready for Oktoberfest!

Are your ready for the Cambridge Oktoberfest? There will be a beer garden, giant tent and relaxing in Jesus Green on 30 August to 2 September.

Welcome to the Cambridge Oktoberfest which will be held on Jesus Green Park in the middle of the city.

Cambridge Oktoberfest
Drinking at the Cambridge Oktoberfest

During one wonderful long weekend in August/September we celebrate in a tent with space for 2,000 people. A real Oktoberfest with German beer, food and music!

Entrance is free Thursday, and Sunday. There will be a £5 entrance fee on Friday and £6 on the Saturday (you can buy this option on the door). German Beer and food can be purchased.

Music at the Cambridge Oktoberfest
Music at the Cambridge Oktoberfest

Alternatively, we offer a package with food, beer and seat reservation. We have a special offer for your Sunday Lunch, so you can let the entire family experience Bavarian culture for a day.

Tickets selling fast so visit

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