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Local company Glorious Food began in 2015 when Founder, Helen Mileham, created the company having found a simple solution to her long-term IBS issues.

Wanting to share this information with others and knowing that other people were struggling with the same problem, Helen set about on her mission to help 1 million people to live IBS Free with the aid of a simple change of diet.

If you’re struggling with stomach pains, fed up of having to rush to the bathroom (or finding yourself unable to go) sick of feeling tired and lethargic or bloated and uncomfortable in your clothes Glorious Food offers a free service where you can get some useful and current IBS advice. Just click this link to book your complimentary ‘Be IBS Free’ phone consultation and we will be in touch at your preferred date and time.

“Each of us is different, and therefore different foods affect people, producing a wide range of symptoms such as Bloating, Pain, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Brain Fog, Tiredness and the inability to Lose Weight effectively. All of these symptoms can be attributed to eating the wrong foods and not knowing which foods to eat and which foods to avoid.

Our specifically designed and tailored to you programs will remove any confusion and give you a clear picture of what to eat to feel well again, using in-house, state of the art food allergy testing. Not only that but we support you every step of the way, knowing how frustrating and challenging life can be. This is how our clients enjoy a reduction of between 70 – 99% of their IBS symptoms within the first few weeks of their programs.

 It is entirely possible to effectively manage your symptoms and live a normal life with IBS when you know what foods are causing your symptoms. This removes the stressful situations surrounding IBS. Which in turn reduces your symptoms even further.  

I am living proof that this method works and Glorious Food is the only company in the world with this unique, effective IBS management program.”

Helen Mileham, Nutrition Consultant and IBS Specialist

Book your ‘Be IBS Free’ phone consultation today and get further information on IBS, help with symptom reduction plus some free Dietary Advice.

During this call you will:

  • Find out what’s causing your body to behave in the way that it does
  • Discover how you can use food to your advantage rather than it working against you
  • Find out what you can do to quickly and easily take control of your body and feel much better

At Glorious Food we wont fob you off with medication. We’ll listen to your unique situation and give you some real life dietary advice and provide the right solution to your IBS problems.

Are you ready to learn how you can become IBS Free?

Click this link to book your complimentary ‘Be IBS Free’ phone consultation and we’ll be in touch.

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