Halloween Evenings Bressingham Steam and Gardens

As the tourism year draws to a close and the present season looms large, most attractions are now squeezing in Halloween for their visitors.

Some attractions are going for scares or spectacle whilst others such as Bressingham are going for the more gentle approach.

Bressingham Halloween
Abbey Road

The gardens bring in many visitors in the autumn as people like to take a stroll looking at the changing seasons, but it is during October half term that Bressingham comes alive again with children and families during the week.

Pumpkin people start to gather as half term moves on, they can be spotted all over the site and from the Fen Railway, some are acting out scenes some pirates or scarecrows from years ago – they can appear from round any corner; look carefully are they still or moving very slightly?

Halloween evenings at Bressingham are after we have shut for the day on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October starting at 6pm. The Fen train will be running through the edge of the haunted woods, hoping it doesn’t need to stop at the old abandoned crossing or the wilderness swamp. Whilst on the journey the guard will recounting tales of past journeys and goings on – lets hope the train doesn’t come to a sudden stop! The Gallopers will also be spinning and children’s entertainers will be keeping all the young witches and wizards amused.

Coming in costume adds to the occasion, so why not get the whole family to dress up – you certainly won’t be alone.

For more information on this event and others throughout the year as well as advance booking visit bressingham.co.uk

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