Have you heard a herd of horses are galloping into Newmarket this summer?

A herd of decorative horses, designed by artists and sculptors, will arrive in Newmarket this summer to help raise awareness of local charity, the Animal Health Trust.

The Animal Health Trust has teamed up with local and national artists, local businesses, organisations and community groups to bring 17 works of art to the town centre, creating a free, fun and inspiring art event.

But just who is the Animal Health Trust and what does it do?

The Animal Health Trust is a charity helping millions of animals across the world through research. The charity is striving for a world in which no companion animal suffers from disease and injury, and believes the best way to achieve this is through science. Thanks to its pioneering work improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention; horses, dogs and cats are living healthier, happier lives – in the UK and across the world.

As the UK’s leading veterinary and scientific research charity, the Animal Health Trust is dedicated to the health and welfare of animals. Its research work makes life better for generations of animals. In many parts of the world disease and injury are far bigger threats to animals than neglect. The Animal Health Trust works hard to combat these.

What does the Animal Health Trust do? 

  • Its veterinary service provides excellent care for very sick and injured dogs, cats and horses
  • Its scientific research discovers cures and treatments that are effective, what the charity learns it puts into practice globally – from lab to clinic
  • Its expertise in preventing disease, from providing specialist advice to developing new vaccines, ensures the Animal Health Trust leads the way in stopping diseases and conditions from occurring in the first place
  • The charity is committed to furthering knowledge. Through its education and training programmes it develops and supports the next generation of veterinary and scientific specialists.

Why is it important?

All the funds the charity raises through fundraising, and every penny of profit made through treating animals in its clinics, go straight back into developing new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines to help thousands more animals. Nearly all horses, dogs and cats in the UK will have benefited from the charity’s work in some way.

As a charity, the Animal Health Trust relies on generous donations from the general public to carry out its vital work. It cannot continue to help animals – now and in the future – without the support of people like you. All donations received help the Animal Health Trust improve the lives of sick and injured animals, and create a better future for our much loved dogs, cats and horses.

What makes the Animal Health Trust special?

The charity believes the best treatment relies on the best knowledge, which is why it is the leading UK charity where research, prevention and treatment are carried out in one place.

For more than 75 years, the charity has developed this unique approach, where knowledge learned through treating patients feeds into its research, and in turn its research results are fed back into the charity’s clinical work. Through its research, the Animal Health Trust has not only been able to treat thousands of dogs, cats and horses, but has also helped millions more across the globe.

How can I help the Animal Health Trust?

You can help the Animal Health Trust save animals’ lives. There are so many things you can do and the charity is eternally grateful for all support, no matter how big or small. From running a cake stall to running a marathon, from dogs shows to jumping out of an aeroplane, please visit www.aht.org.uk/fundraise for inspiration.

Or simply donate what you can at www.aht.org.uk/donate

And don’t forget to follow the Saddle Up Art Trail in Newmarket from 8 July to 24 September – find out more at www.aht.org.uk/saddleup

Do something amazing for the Animal Health Trust today, to help animals tomorrow.


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