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There are many men who would love to sing.  Most never get around to it, don’t have the opportunity, or may be too self-conscious to give it a go.  The simple fact is that just about everyone can sing, so what could be better than a free course that will help you discover your voice?

Hereward Harmony is a well-established Barbershop Close Harmony Chorus.  To celebrate our 30th Anniversary we are running a ‘Learn to Sing’ Course at the Orton Wistow Community Centre, PE2 6XN.

Herewood Harmony Singers

We are a male chorus who sing in traditional four part close harmony.  Consisting of bass, baritone, lead and tenor, anyone can find a part to suit their voice.  We normally sing a wide range of numbers but during the course we will concentrate on a few songs to achieve good progress.

Herewood Harmony Singers

The course will be each Thursday from 7.30pm to 10.00pm on the 8th February to the 15th March 2018.  You do not have to read music and will sing a part alongside at least one of our experienced singers who will help and encourage you.  Our talented young musical director will also help with each individual part in addition to ensuring that the overall timing, pitch and musicality reach a high standard.  The first part of the evening will concentrate on developing the new singers and songs.  There will then be a break for free refreshments after which our chorus will sing some of our repertoire as a further guide to what we do.  You will also receive sheet music and teach tracks that will allow you to practice during the week.

Herewood Harmony Singers

We are a friendly and sociable chorus and can promise that you will enjoy the experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to singing or can already sing but are looking for a different style of music. Progress will be rapid and you may be surprised at how sweet the sound of a four-part harmony is.  Reserve your place now by ringing Alan Lund on 07850 007057.


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