Magnet Therapy and the Benefits of Wearing them

I am sure many of you would of used magnet bracelets or be aware of a family member doing so to help ease Arthritis.

But did you know the reasons behind this?  Also Magnets help many other health issues too.

Treatment by Magnets is well documented down the ages.  Its history is rooted in the pre Christian cultures of the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and others.  However, in the last 100 years investigation into magnetism has produced new findings and research is being stepped up.

In 1954 Linus Carl Pauling received the Nobel prize for Chemistry for discovering the magnetic properties of hemoglobin.  In 1961 when the first Astronauts returned to the Earth they were found to have health problems ranging from  depression to poor sleeping, the main cause was energy exhaustion which was attributed to the absence of the Earths Magnetic field in space.  Further experiments over the last 40-50 years have found magnets activate metabolic processes in the body and promote the formation of amino acids, also on tests of 80 patients with lumbar problems in the spine more than 90% of them who wore a magnetic belt reported a positive improvement.  Dr HC Petra Doring also found in a survey of 5000 wearers of Magnet jewellery that 92% felt an improvement in atleast one complaint such as insomnia and headaches. Other studies have also found that oesteoarthritis patients wearing bracelets can reduce their pain from hips or knee.

So why does it work?  Put simply, magnets are attracted to water and humans have lots of water in our bodies, we also have iron in our blood which  magnets are also attracted to, so wearing a magnet on our body improves, circulation, moves more oxygen round and reduces inflammation.  We also have a magnetic field around us and this is disrupted with devices we use so the magnet helps to balance this.

Some people have an immediate positive effect when wearing a magnet for the first time other take a few days or weeks to notice a difference.  

Magnet jewellery is now available in rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and extra strong “power hearts” which you place directly over a area of pain and looks like “normal” pretty jewellery.   There are also toe rings and insoles. There are ranges for Men, women and Children.  Magnets help in my experience with many health issues including headaches/migraines, stress and anxiety, insomnia/tiredness and menopausal symptoms such as night sweats,  I have also had customers say it has helped with fibromyalgia

If you would like to discover more about the benefits of wearing magnets or magnet jewellery then please contact me I would be delighted to show you.

Sam McHugh

Magnetix Wellness

07834 659402 

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