New Functional Training Area Now Open at Leisure World Colchester

If you only lift weights in your gym time you’re only going to get better at one thing, lifting weights. And that’s why Activa gym at Leisure World Colchester has just opened a brand new and improved functional training area, to ensure its members are the fittest and healthiest they can be.

By replicating the moves of real life – pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, moving –you stand to make your training, and your body, far more functional.

In the outside world we don’t just pick up heavy items and put them back down. We carry shopping from the car, drag things up stairs and run for the last train home. And all these things put strain on our bodies in ways that can be replicated in a functional training area.

Think farmers carries with kettlebells, medicine ball slams, squats and deadlifts. By training your whole body you will prevent injury and build all-encompassing strength in one workout space.

Activa Gym Leisure World

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