Our clients, their families and carers can contact us 24 hours a day

Able Community Care has been providing Live-in Care Support for 40 years and one of our beliefs is that we should always be there to support our clients and their carers.

  1. So, we do not outsource our ‘On Call’ system, our Care Managers answer the phone after our office closes. No sales talk, no choices to make from numerous buttons, just a friendly, knowledgeable person at the end of the phone.
  2. Each day we advise both our clients or their advocates, plus their carers, who is ‘On Call’ that evening or over the weekend, so they know to whom they are speaking.
  3. Each Care Manager has instant access to all records so they can help or offer guidance in full knowledge of each client’s individual situation.

Our Live-in Care Support is available nationwide and in The Channel Islands. Can we support someone you know?

  1. Call 01603 764567 for further details or to ask for an information pack.
  2. Email to [email protected] with any questions or requests.
  3. Visit our web site at ablecommunitycare.com


It is better to know us and not need us than need us and not know us.

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