The power of promises: keeping your fitness resolution

You’d think twice before breaking a promise to a friend, right?

What about one to yourself?

Activa Gym Personal Training

We often put our pledges to others before our own goals. That’s why you’re much more likely to keep your 2018 resolution if you tell others about it.

Leisure World Colchester is asking customers to commit to their fitness goal this January by announcing their goal on social media. Post a selfie to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #MyGoal this January and you could win four Personal Training sessions! The gym itself will feature a MyGoal wall where resolution-makers can write their goal and read others’ for inspiration.

Activa Gym

Starting work on your resolution immediately also increases your chance of success. Get into the habit of working out in winter and by summer, it’ll be a breeze. You’ll save money too – Leisure World Colchester are offering one free month’s membership to anyone who joins for 12 months in January.

Members get unlimited access to the centre’s full facilities. That includes the Activa gym with over 100 workstations and brand-new Functional Training Area, plus the Leisure Pool and 25m Fitness Pool, or work out with others at over 90 fitness classes every week– all included in your membership.

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Join in January to take advantage of the New Year price freeze, fixing your membership costs throughout 2018 – from just £33.99 per month.

Whether you want to build, tone or swim it, your goal is worth sticking to. Make a start at

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