Princess Ida comes to Swaffham Bulbeck

5th May 2017

Swaffham Bulbeck Summer Theatre will be performing Princess Ida by Gilbert and Sullivan.

The show runs from 14 – 17 June with performances starting at 7.30 pm. There is also a matinee at 2.30pm on the Saturday. Tickets cost from £7 to £10 and are available through the website, or by emailing [email protected] or calling 07541 554845.

The show is a hilarious twist on a traditional medieval fairy tale.

Prince Hilarion has been waiting for his wedding day to Princess Ida (to whom he was betrothed in infancy) for twenty years.

Unfortunately, Princess Ida has decided that she does not want to honour the commitment and has instead, gone off and started a women’s college.

But Hilarion does not give up hope! In an attempt to woo her, Hilarion, accompanied by his friends, Cyril and Florian, dresses up as a maiden and sneaks into Castle Adamant.

Inside the castle, the “maidens” are discovered by Lady Psyche – Florian’s sister, Lady Blanche and her daughter Melissa. Lady Psyche and Melissa attempt to keep their knowledge from Ida, but eventually she discovers and apprehends the intruders.

It looks like violence is sure to erupt, but Ida finally relinquishes and agrees to marry Hilarion.

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