Punting Picnics – The ultimate summer outing

Warning: This feature is now out of date

Picnics and summer go hand in hand and when the sun is shining there’s nothing better than locating the top spots for your Cambridge picnic capers.

Popular with friends, families and couples alike, a picnic is always a fine day out in the most traditional style. The hunt for Cambridge’s best picnic spots is clear, whilst there are vast commons and parks, most of Cambridge’s best views are along the private College Backs. It’s thereby it’s recognised locally that the very best picnics are on the punts!

Punting Tours of Cambridge - Bridge of Sighs St John's College
Punting Tours of Cambridge – Bridge of Sighs St John’s College

So get ready for some quintessentially Cambridge messing about in boats with Rutherford’s Punting. It’s the ideal summertime and holiday activity, featuring a partnership with the legendary Fitzbillie’s afternoon picnics. Featuring an indulgent selection of treats aboard a punt bedecked with blankets, cushions and unique lumbar supports (something to be grateful for once on the boat).

Your hamper of goodies will include scones with jam and cream, mini cakes and macaroons, dainty finger sandwiches and sparkling elderflower cordial. The tour takes 50 minutes and takes in Cambridge’s most iconic sights with an award-winning and engaging commentary.

Champagne Punting Experience – A summer to remember

If you’re looking for something more celebratory in style you can choose the Champagne punting experience. You’ll be sipping prestigious bubbly as you tour the famous College Backs, forming beautiful friendships with your entourage. There’s nothing more Cambridge than this!

Who are Rutherford’s?

Rutherford’s are the newest official punting company in Cambridge, with an official desk on Quayside and running tours from the Jesus Green Moorings. They run from a Customer Experience focus and work to really improve things for their guests across all touchpoints.

Standing out from the crowd, they’ve designed ergonomic lumbar supports for a comfortable experience on every tour and are the first punting company to hold an alcohol licence. Rutherford’s have been awarded the Rose Marque for tour quality and in just two years have grabbed the no.1 spot on TripAdvisor.

Rutherford’s is named after Ernest Rutherford, a Cambridge Graduate whose contribution to nuclear physics has shaped our world today. The family heritage connects this company directly to him, and the choice celebrates Ernest’s life long contribution to both industry and education.

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