Redrow supports bumblebees of Bedfordshire

Redrow Homes South Midlands has partnered with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) to support the conservation of bumblebees at its Caddington Woods development.

The development, which is situated in Chaul End, has joined the plight of the bumblebee by introducing pollinator-friendly habitats across its grounds, helping to boost the number of bumblebees, as well as other wildlife.

Building awareness with new residents, Redrow Homes South Midlands is also offering the next 50 completions at Caddington Woods membership to the BBCT. Each membership includes factsheets, bee-friendly wildflower seeds, a car window sticker, postcards and a fold-out bumblebee identification guide.

Residents will be encouraged to create a haven for bumblebees in their own gardens, introducing flowers rich in pollen and nectar, such as sedum, lavender, alliums, herbs and wild roses.

Redrow supports bumblebees of Bedfordshire
Redrow supports bumblebees of Bedfordshire

The initiative, which is being introduced at various Redrow Homes developments across the UK, follows Redrow Homes South Midlands’ championing of biodiversity at Caddington Woods through adoption of an innovative ‘net gain’ approach. As part of this, Redrow Homes measured the ecological value of land prior to development, before taking steps to enhance this following the creation of new homes, amenities and green spaces.

Forming part of this activity, Redrow Homes has worked closely with the RSPB to manage and improve broadleaf woodland areas and their associated wildlife on the development, which was previously a 6,000-space car park. Along with the work to create bumblebee havens, this has helped to achieve a net positive core, meaning there has been a positive impact on biodiversity.

Tonia Tyler, sales director at Redrow Homes (South Midlands), said: “At Redrow, we strive not only to create beautiful homes, but thriving communities, too. We understand that promoting the sustainability of nature and the habitats on our developments is integral to this, which is why we endeavour to support the wellbeing and success of future bumblebee colonies.

“We have partnered with the BBCT not only to inform and empower our residents, but to ensure that our gardens and open spaces form part of a wider eco-friendly habitat that will be established for the future.”

Visitors to the sales office can also pick up their copy of Bumblebee Cottage, the latest in a series of books written by the sales director for Redrow Midlands, Pauline Turnbull, to help children understand more about moving home.

The latest book focuses on two bumblebees looking for a new family home, and encourages children to learn more about nature and, in particular, the plight of the bumblebee. 

For more information about Caddington Woods, please visit: or call 0158 278 8194.

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