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SAVOURSMITHS was founded in September 2016, by recently married couple and Colette and Mike Russell Smith, who moved back to the family farm and are now taking the business in a modern direction. Our objective is to build on the pioneering heritage of Russell Smith Farms and British Farming. The Russell Smith family has been farming potatoes since 1938, spanning land in and around Duxford and understands the importance of traceability and sustainability, using accredited farming methods and championing sustainable agriculture to ensure culinary excellence.

Savoursmiths crisp packets lined up on a table

A shared love of food inspired the newly-married couple to start the brand. He previously worked in the city, while she’s a successful model, but the lure of both the country life and a new business venture drew them back to the family farm. “Mike’s first word was tractor, so it was only a matter of time before he wanted to return to the farm,” laughs Colette. “I’m from South Africa, but I just fell in love with this place too – the countryside gets under your skin, I think.”

With a potato farm in the family, a potato crisp brand was a natural spin-off. Pairing the very best of British (the home grown, skin-on, batched-cooked Lady Clare and Lady Rosetta potatoes) with the very best from abroad (take the Japanese wagyu beef, Italian Black Summer Truffle and Champagne), SAVOURSMITHS was the result.

Colette and Mike Russell Smith holding packets of their Savoursmith's crisp product
Colette and Mike Russell Smith

When the team at SAVOURSMITHS, the luxurious English Snack brand, decided to create decadent potato crisps, they wanted to go above and beyond cheese and onion and play with unashamedly flamboyant combinations, but at the same time, grow, hand pick and cook all their potatoes in small, carefully prepared batches to keep strict control over quality. “We were both inspired by our own experiences of travelling around the world, seeing different cultures, cuisines and trying delicacies. Using the actual ingredients, we wanted to take the most exquisite food we’d tasted, and put it on a crisp.”

The branding is every bit as distinctive as the flavours. With a traditional potato fork for a logo, each packet features a different character: a fox in a top hat, a cat in a bowler hat and an Oryx dressed as an English gentleman. “There are so many astonishing flavours you can pair together that we were buoyed by the opportunity to play in this space. We love how the most luxurious ingredients and farm supplies translate so beautifully into a bag of crisps.”

Coming in five flavours, including the newly launched Desert Salt, SAVOURSMITHS crisps are priced £2.50 for a 150g bag. They are available from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Waitrose, Ocado, pubs, farm shops & deli’s. See

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