Start now and hit the New Year running

New Year fitness resolutions have become a national tradition.  

Every year, thousands of us join up to a gym, full of excitement and determination. Many keep their resolutions and become stronger, more active and less stressed. Others have difficulty sticking to their decision. Motivation slips and slowly, they return to their old habits. 

Colchester Leisure World

Want to know the secret to success? Don’t wait until January! 

Lazing around during the Christmas period can make you feel lethargic and less likely to keep up your resolution once you start in New Year. Join now, keep your energy and get ahead of the crowd. 

Colchester Leisure World

Leisure World, in the heart of Colchester, offers everything you need to get started on your fitness journey. Our 12-month Fitness Memberships at just £33.99 per month include unlimited access to the Activa Gym, with 100+ stations and a brand-new functional training area, as well as the centre’s two pools, running club and over 90 energising classes. You can even add unlimited access to Aqua Springs spa for just an extra £6 per month. You can also add in some 1-1 Personal Training sessions to help you get started and on the right path to meet your personal goals.

Colchester Leisure World

Don’t waste all that New Year motivation on undoing the damage done in December. Come in for a tour or join now at

By the time your friends and family start in January, you’ll already be on your journey to better fitness. 

Colchester Leisure World

Get fit for Christmas and beat the New Year rush! 

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