How to stop winter stressing you out

Harsh winter air and lack of sunshine are tough on your mind and body. The results?

Chapped lips. Dry skin. Lethargy. All signs that you need to make some time for restoration – and it’s easier than you think.

A single spa day can ease you into comfort. When you enjoy a treatment or spend time relaxing in thermal pools, you aren’t just caring for tired skin and muscles. You’re also disconnecting from all that seasonal stress for a day, reminding yourself how it feels to be looked after.

That’s why spa days leave you with a warm, glowing feeling of utter wellbeing long after you return to your daily life. Aqua Springs Day Spa in Colchester know this better than anyone, which is why they’re offering a special Winter Warmer package to put the sunshine back into your step.

For a limited time only, you can heal your mind and body with a full spa day, including a 60-minute facial and a manicure or pedicure, £55 weekdays or £60 weekends. Before and after your treatments, you’ll soak in tranquil waters, unravel your thoughts with aromatherapy and let soothing steam ease your tired limbs.

A hot drink is included and, for just £9, you can round your day off with a delicious afternoon tea.

The Winter Warmer package is only available from January to March 2018, so early booking on 01206 282100 is recommended. For more information and to see all Aqua Springs’ packages, visit

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