The Modern Way to Interview Prospective Carers

The difference between care workers working with an hourly care agency and care workers who are working with live-in care agencies is this:

  • Local, hourly, care agencies need local care workers to service local clients.
  • Live-in care agencies are likely to have the majority of their clients living outside of the local area where the agency office is.

This difference results in a major change emerging in the way in which potential live-in, care workers are interviewed.

It has always been common practice for potential employees/contractors to have either a preliminary telephone conversation with an organisation followed by, if appropriate a completed application form. A face to face interview in the office or other venue would be offered if the candidate was deemed to possibly be suitable for the post offered.

Local care providers are likely to follow the above procedure because simply they are local to prospective employees.

However, the situation with reference to the growing live-in care sector is changing. The internet means that prospective care workers can apply online to many care providers who may or may not follow up with a telephone call to gain an impression of the candidate.

Many care providers in the live-in care sector then ‘interview’ via a telephone interview, FaceTime or via Skype. The face to face interview with a recruitment manager never takes place.

It is therefore possible for someone else to apply, to complete an online application form and ‘sit in’ on the media interview.

Able Community Care, a Live-in Care provider since 1980, travels throughout the UK to carry out interviews. We have met every single care worker on our Register. We are not alone but we are possibly becoming one of the minority.

Our advice if you are looking for a Live-in Carer, is to ask the question: – Have you met the person you are sending to care for me? Free information packs on our services: Long Term Live-in Care, Planned Respite Care, Home from Hospital Care and Holiday Care Companions.

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