Trying to conceive? See the special offers at Bourn Hall Clinic

If you are trying to start a family and having difficulties conceiving then some friendly fertility advice might make all the difference.

Bourn Hall opened the world’s first IVF clinic and has decades of experience helping people to overcome infertility. Its success rates are among the best in the country. However, only a small number of couples need IVF and there are many ways that Bourn Hall specialists can help you to conceive – it might be that simple lifestyle advice, weightloss or medication might be all that you need.

Bourn Hall Clinic is currently running two special offers:

A free consultation with a fertility nurse specialist – talk to someone about your concerns

Bourn Hall’s friendly fertility nurse specialists will give personalised advice so that you can think about what you might need to do next. There is no obligation to do anything, you can just have a chat about your personal situation and get some expert advice and information.

To have a free consultation you don’t even need to be trying to conceive; you may be concerned about something that may impact your future fertility. You could be single or in a relationship, may need donated sperm or want to talk about surrogacy. Our door is open for you to come and talk with us.

Half price Fertility Health +  Wellbeing Check – fertility testing can give you the answers for £200

To become pregnant, a healthy sperm must fertilise the egg to create an embryo. This needs to move freely through the fallopian tubes to reach the uterus, attach securely to the womb lining and start to grow. If something goes wrong with any of those things then it makes getting and staying pregnant more difficult.

Bourn Hall can perform blood tests to check your egg store (ovarian reserve) and release of eggs (ovulation), an ultrasound scan to assess your reproductive organs and a semen analysis to check for sperm count.

It may be that these tests provide you with reassurance about conceiving naturally – improving your diet or boosting ovulation with medication may be sufficient for a natural conception. If any form of fertility treatment is needed our fertility consultants will be able to advise you and point you in the right direction.

Bourn Hall has clinics across the East of England. To arrange a free consultation with a fertility nurse specialist, to book a half-price Fertility + Wellbeing Check or to find out more information call Bourn Hall’s patient services team on 01954 717210 or go to

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