We are living in strange times

The ongoing worldwide pandemic has raised cortisol levels, our built-in alarm and protect system and many of us are struggling psychologically.  Stress, anxiety, low mood, frustration, esteem troubles and confidence issues have all been heightened. Literally anyone can struggle with psychological tension or emotional worries. Most people wait too long and their issues become very entrenched.

Many of us get low, worried, stressed or irritable from time to time and if that’s for a day or two, then that’s probably OK. If a period of emotional unrest becomes weeks, I would always advise people to seek help and talk to a professional therapist. 

It’s often difficult but be brave and look after your mental health.  Escape stress, anxiety and low mood; unearthing your unique contented balance is wonderful and can be empowering. 

Shane Lutkin, Lead Psychotherapist, Emotionalskills therapy and counselling organisation. Call 07986 488690 or email [email protected]. Visit www.emotionalskills.uk Online service available nationally as well as face to face consultations.

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