W&M Smith March 2017

March is the month when it all seems to happen and W & M Smith try to provide something for each calendar event as well your own personal celebration.  So if you are planning a party or a social gathering and would like something to decorate your venue then The Pightle Barn is where you are advised to visit. 

From table covers and serviettes to balloons and table sprinkles.  The colour range in all of these areas is the largest around and if by chance you require a different hue then W & M Smith will go that extra mile to try and source it for you or offer alternatives for you to consider.  Not only can you hire the helium gas cylinders to inflate balloons yourself but they also offer to do this for you and deliver to your venue at a little extra cost on top. 

W&M Smith

Mother’s Day is the main event in March and for this there is a wide range of containers to use for floral arrangements in a variety of finishes.  Wicker, ceramic, glass, galvanized, wood, the list goes on.  New stock has been added in recent weeks so if you have not been for a while you will have plenty fresh items to look at. 

Silk flower quality has much improved over the years and the choice at The Pightle Barn is vast including colour, type of flower, finish, stems, bushes or posies, garlands and not forgetting from the cheapest to the most expensive.  Everybody’s budget is catered for.

Looking forward to April and thinking of Easter with rabbits, chicks and eggs, the ‘Easter’ room is well stocked up with all sorts of goodies.  Old fashioned chenille fluffy yellow chicks, wooden rabbits on sticks and hangers. 

Eggs, real blown ones to brightly coloured plastic ones as well as some made of polystyrene or cardboard for you to decorate.  Artificial flowers to mark the season are also on show, daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, crocus, magnolia, grape hyacinths, forsythia, blossom, pussy willow etc etc.

The ‘Cake board Room’ is over flowing with boards, boxes, baking cases, icing and pastes and much more, so if you fancy having a go at making your own Easter eggs, W & M Smith have moulds in several sizes and edible decorations to finish them off with.

Come along and pay us a visit, we look forward to seeing you soon.   

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