10 Bathroom Trends for 2020

Get the bathroom of your dreams. Bathroom trends in 2020. Vintage patterns, all white interiors and Danish influences for your bathroom. 

The experts at Tiles Direct share their tips on keeping your bathroom on trend

As one of the most fashionable rooms in the home, keeping on top of the latest styles can almost seem impossible when it comes to renovating your bathroom. As interior styles are always changing, it can be difficult to know how and where to make your investments.

We’ve outlined our top 10 bathroom trends for 2020, so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest interior fads during your next bathroom makeover. From pretty in pink to compact living and iconic Danish style, we’ll cover it all – giving you everything you need to approach your next bathroom update with confidence.

Pretty in pink  


Although often associated with the 50s and 70s, pink is undoubtedly making a comeback with impressive resurgence. Expect to see pastel pink hues in high demand throughout 2020, paired with clean lines and some classic features which combine previous and contemporary fashion.

If you have a period property, a pink bathroom is an effective way to reference the period of the house while also bringing a modern aesthetic. When recreating this style in your own home, the key thing to note is that fashion in 2020 will encompass ‘old school’ rather than romantic – pairing pink tiles with chic industrial pipework is a classy way to achieve this look.

Spa style

A timeless aesthetic which has carried through 2019 into 2020 is the spa style, where designers have increasingly been recreating a relaxing oasis in which you can unwind and escape the stresses of the day. However, incorporating the classic spa setup with Scandi style is the twist that this ageless classic will undergo in 2020.

Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality under the influence of the Nordic countries. As such, expect to see house plants, bright spaces, clean lines and warm wood tones popping up in bathrooms. To replicate this look, opt for sleek wood effect tiles against neutral and white colours which maximise space and function.

Marvellous marble

Another effective way of creating a bathroom that you can unwind in is to introduce natural elements which transform the room into a calming haven. When it comes to stone, there are many options to choose from, but in 2020 we expect to see an increasing number of people opting for marble, using it’s characterful veining to add a dash of colour or pattern.

Ideal for a luxury colour scheme, a splash of marble is a trick which will set a stylish tone for delivering a relaxing sanctuary. Whether you’re tiling a marble wall or simply adding a marble dish accessory, marble is a style that everyone can enjoy, no matter what the budget.

Compact living

As housing is increasingly becoming more hybrid and more people are opting for ‘out of the box’ designs, having separate spaces with distinct functions is becoming less fashionable. In a world where our busy lifestyles find ourselves combining our functional and personal life, we are now seeing all manner of tasks merging in the form of small-scale living.

As an increasing number of people are opting for urban city life, we can expect to see bathrooms become a collage world, where living spaces, bathrooms and bedrooms become integrated as one in the most simplistic way.

Delightfully Danish

Unwind in style in a tranquil, invigorating airy space which embraces all things minimalist, understated, neutral and calming. This look includes bare features which are similar to those characteristic of a spa-like design, but with an urban and industrial twist.

Danish bathrooms focus on the simplest of furniture – think consoles and standalone sinks and other versatile pieces. This nordic vibe additionally combines simplicity and elegance, along with Italian craftsmanship particularly popular in urban city apartments.

All-white everything

Another timeless classic, an all-white bathroom leaves you plenty to play with when it comes to patterns, contemporary and traditional designs. If you’re looking for an investment which is set to last over the coming years, white on white is a go.

If patterns are a little too fussy for you, add glossy lacquer cabinets to make it feel a little more modern, or alternatively, go rustic with a feature bath and exposed pipework. The possibilities are endless when it comes to all-white bathrooms, so if you’re keen to add a little personality to your bathroom space, white may be a great option for you.

Geometric glamour

The hexagon tile has reappeared over the years of bathroom trends and is set to stay in 2020. Combining efficiency and drama, hexagon tiles offer the flexibility of mixing coloured tiles for a contemporary appeal. With a variety of options on the market including different sizes, patterns and finishes, they’re a versatile choice for any bathroom design.

In contemporary settings, combine patterns with plain tiles for a look which is sure to wow your guests. Alternatively, in period properties, opt for a singular colour to make exposed plumbing work stand out as a feature.

Vintage patterns

The vintage ‘shabby chic’ look has been in fashion for a few years and is set to stay that way in 2020. If your home boasts a retro design, then your bathroom can be in keeping with this style. From country chic with floral prints and feminine accessories to pretty pastels with a sharp modern edge, go bold in 2020.

As more of us are beginning to think with the planet in mind, adopting a vintage bathroom style is a great opportunity to upcycle any old items such as old metal lockers to transform into storage for spare towels and toiletries. Vintage style is easy to recreate, and offers a lot of opportunity to add more personality.

Bohemian bliss

While we may often associate bohemian designs with the living room or bedroom in 2020, expect to see this look making its way into bathroom spaces. Watch out for greenery to offer a lively look canvassed against different textures which don’t necessarily need to match. Art is also a key feature of bohemian design – think animal art or animal design hardware which ventures far from white colour pallets. Serene boho chic is a great way to add a free-spirited element to any home.

Bathrooms without borders 

What better way to relax in a bathroom than bringing the vacation feeling? Expect to see influence from exotic climes in bathroom fashion throughout 2020, pushing the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor space. Think glass walls or glass boxes which extend out into the courtyard to fully embrace nature’s own zen. This craze will take the recent wet room design one step further to incorporate skylights and subtropical plants, creating the ultimate stress free sanctuary.

Using our forecast into the future, we hope that your next bathroom renovation will be inspired by the upcoming trends characteristic of 2020, so you can get more for your investment and ensure your bathroom design is in keeping with current styles.


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