10 Ways to De-Stress this Christmas

With all the giving and celebrations, the festive season should be one of the happiest but often the stress of planning and hosting Christmas while trying to stay on top of work and home can take its toll on body and soul, even after the festivities are over. One of the UK’s leading energy healers, Britta Hochkeppel, has the wellbeing tips that can help…

Sort your diet

When you’re rushing around shopping, be sure to eat healthily and rack up the vitamins that will see you through winter including vitamin B; essential for reducing stress and found in wholegrains, nuts and seeds. A good probiotic supplement is important too as 80 per cent of our immune system relies on a healthy gut to see you through the party season.


Keep your brain happy

A happy brain is a hydrated brain! Our brain can maintain its complex functions much better when it’s hydrated and alcohol is the number one dehydrator which can lead to headaches and anxiety. Aim to drink two litres of good quality water every day and sip at least one glass before bed time.

Keep it fresh

Boost your body during the busy season with a freshly blended veggie juice to help support the liver, the body’s master cleanser, and to make your skin glow. Whisk together two celery sticks and a tall glass of bottled or filtered water and drink it first thing every morning.

Get out in the cold air

Just 30 minutes of physical exercise a day is a fantastic outlet for stress as it helps your body release endorphins, your natural “happy hormones”. Get on your bike, wrap up warm and take a hike or simply dance to your favourite tunes.

Lose the guilt

Christmas is known as the season to be jolly but for many it can develop into a magnitude of stress. A lack of money, credit card debit and the pressure of gift giving can be burden and our thoughts, feelings and behaviours can lead to high blood pressure and anxiety. Learn how to recognise the signs of stress and to let go of guilt.

Get creative

Set yourself a realistic budget and think about being creative if you have lots of gifts to buy: everyone loves to receive a gift that is given from the heart. Make time to connect with your inner creative self and paint, draw or make something special.

Make time for meditation

Meditation has been shown to improve symptoms of stress and anxiety and can help you stay well. It can be as short as 10 minutes a day and there are plenty of apps such as Headspace available to help.

  • Find a quiet space, switch off any mobile phones or tv.
  • Sit comfortably and allow yourself to take a deep inhale for four seconds, hold for four and exhale for five seconds.
  • Repeat three times. With each exhale allowing yourself to become softer and more relaxed.
  • Now place your right hand over the area where your heart is and for a moment connect to yourself.
  • Send love and thanks into your body and feel into your heart.
  • Accept whatever it is that your emotional body sends to you and take a few deep in breaths filling your heart space with love and forgiveness for yourself.
  • Sit for a few minutes more then gently open your eyes.

Repeat once or twice a week to boost healing benefits.

Try some crystal power

As the days get darker and colder, many of us suffer with low energy and a sense of sluggishness.

The healing frequency that crystals offer are a great tool in helping to balance our more subtle nervous system. Try these three crystals which I like to use for the winter months.

Bloodstone: This stone is dark green with red speckles and has intense healing benefits, a stone of courage that helps to ground and centre our energies.

Black Onyx : A shiny black stone that helps you to deepen your connection with the self, allowing you to understand what motivates you.

Garnet: This is a stone of fire and vitality. It has been used in ancient times as a talisman. Garnet is a stone that helps you use your creative energy to spark new life force from within.

Take a soak

Relax at the end of a long day in a warm bath enriched with essential oils to spirit away feelings of stress: add a cupful of Epsom salts to the water and let the minerals revitalise your body or try Love Henri’s Muscle Therapy Soak, with Roman Chamomile and clary sage, ease away muscle pain and boost sleep, £35 for 100ml at lovehenri.com

Embrace the festive hygge

Christmas is fun but the winter season can be long: think about cocooning yourself and preparing for spring. Wrap yourself up in a warm throw, make a cup of warming ginger and catch up on that favourite book or movie. Winter is a time for nurturing and reflection, make sure you make the most of it!

For details of Britta Hochkeppel’s energy treatments, readings, gift cards and Shed The Past energy healing and skin rejuvenating packages available in Coggehall, Essex, visit vitaserena.co.uk and follow her @germansoulsurgeon

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