3 ways to take part in Vegetarian Week 2018

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3 ways to prepare if you’ll be taking part in Vegetarian Week 2018

Mike Hardman from the catering wholesaler Alliance Online shares his top tips that will help you to prepare for a week of meat-free meals.

National Vegetarian Week runs from 14–20 May and offers a great opportunity to challenge yourself by going without meat for seven days. Of course, making a lifestyle change isn’t the easiest, so it’s important that you ensure you’re well prepared when it comes to keeping things fresh and having all the necessary tools and knowledge at your disposal.

Here, I’m going to share my top tips that will help you prepare for National Vegetarian Week 2018.


Make sure you have the necessary tools

The differences between the kitchens of vegetarians and meat eaters doesn’t stop at the ingredients in their fridges and cupboards. Their selections of kitchen tools and appliances will often differ, too.

One Green Planet has a guide to kitchen tools that will make plant-based eating a breeze, which recommends investing in items such as a spiraliser, a high-speed blender, and a set of good quality chef’s knives. You should be able to survive the week with whatever you already have in your kitchen but, if you’re looking to make a real lifestyle change, updating your kitchenware will make the transition much easier.

Pre-prepare your work lunches

To avoid falling victim to the limited vegetarian options of store-bought meal deals, it’s best to prepare your work lunches in advance. Whether you typically eat pasta, a salad or sandwich at work, you’ll still be able to make these without meat. If you need some inspiration, Hurry the Food Up has 18 vegetarian lunch ideas that will get you excited.

Instead of preparing individual meals for the next day each night, it’s also more efficient to make a few days’ worth of lunches at once. To keep things fresh, make your lunches for Monday–Wednesday on Sunday night, and prepare what you’ll need for Thursday and Friday on Wednesday evening.

Ensure you know how to keep fruit and veg fresh

You’ll need to fill your home with fruit and vegetables during National Vegetarian Week, and you’ll need to know how to keep everything fresh for as long as possible.

The most important thing is that you know how everything should be stored, and Real Simple has a great guide that breaks everything down for you. It’s also a good idea to assess whether you have enough storage boxes for food prepping and any leftovers you have. Why not follow the lead of a lot of professional chefs by opting for glass food storage boxes? They’re sturdier than their plastic counterparts, and usually microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

If you want to prepare for National Vegetarian Week but aren’t sure where to start, these tips will help. You’re bound to find the week far easier and might even convince yourself to have more meat-free days once the event is over.

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