A Guide to Punting in Cambridge

The best punting companies in Cambridge. Everything you need to know about punting in Cambridge; punt hire, tours and experiences. Plus on how to make great savings on your booking.

Our guide to punting on the river in Cambridge.

Punting dates back to the mid 1800s on the River Thames. It wasn’t until the start of the 1900s when a boat building apprentice by the name of Maurice Scudamore was involved in the building of the first punt in Cambridge.

On his return to Cambridge in 1903, he founded Scudamore’s Boatyard, where he began to build and hire rowboats for pleasure and eventually punts too. Previously punts had only been used for transporting small cargo or as pontoons for fisherman. By the 1920s punting had overtaken any other boating activity in Cambridge.

So, this is where we will start with the oldest punting company in Cambridge.


Scudamore’s Punting 

First head to www.scudamores.com/college-backs-punt-tour and book your ticket online and save a few pennies. An adult ticket for a 45-minute tour will cost you £19 online or £22 at the kiosk. Children’s prices start at £11 online and concessions £17.50.

For this, you get a peaceful, relaxing picturesque tour along the river Cam, taking in the sights of the historic university buildings and bridges bringing the city’s history to life. Gliding under bridges and past reed beds your punter steers you seamlessly on your water adventure.

With so many tours to choose from, including group punting, private tours, gin punting, firework displays, school tours, weddings and even bat safari tour, there is an option for all, whether it’s part of a day trip or a special occasion.

Check the website for details about punting lessons and for the more experienced river goer, self-punt hire.

Where to board?

Mill Lane Punting Station, Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RS

Quayside Punting Station, Magdalene Bridge, Cambridge

Bookings: 01223 359750 | www.scudamores.com/punting-quayside

Rutherford’s Punting in Cambridge

Looking for traditional punting but with a quirky twist? Rutherfords offers traditional punting tours, sweeping around the college backs, bridges and quintessentially English gardens but they also offer a couple of unexpected tours too. 

Their diverse punting tours include hen parties, sushi dining experience and even a dog tour. Yes, you and your furry companion can hop on one of the punting tours and share the experience together. So, make sure he or she has practiced his doggy paddle just in case they decide to take a dip! However, dogs are required to be kept on a short lead during the trip. The trips are not suitable for easily excitable dogs.

Each tour lasts 50 minutes and tickets can be bought in advance online at www.rutherfordspunting.com/shared-tours/. Tickets for adults start at £15, child tickets are priced at £6 and concessions £12.50. Prices at the kiosk on the day may be more expensive.

Rutherford’s itself is bathed in history. Their heritage is directly linked to Ernest Rutherford, a Cambridge graduate and nuclear physicist.

Rutherfords is Cambridge’s newest official punting company. There’s cushions, blankets and hot water bottles to keep you warm on colder days too!

Where to board?

Jesus Green Moorings next to La Mimosa (CB5 8AQ)

Bookings: 01223 322200 | www.rutherfordspunting.com

There is also a selection of other traditional punting companies to choose from. We have chosen the most reputable companies to ensure you have the best and safest experience:

The Cambridge Punting Company

Where to board: Jesus Green Moorings next to La Mimosa (CB5 8AQ)

Bookings: 07943820437 | www.cambridgepuntcompany.co.uk/

Book online and you can get some great deals including £15 for an adult ticket and a special discounted adult ticket prices at £10 if you take a tour on a weekday.

Tyrrell’s Punting Company

Where to board: Jesus Green Moorings next to La Mimosa (CB5 8AG

Bookings: 01223 782303 | www.cambridgepunting.co

Prices are £14 for adults, concessions £13 and children £8.

​Traditional Punting Company

Where to board: La Mimosa Landing Stage, CB5 8AG

Bookings: 01223 782306 | www.traditionalpuntingcompany.com/

Prices from the ticket office are £22.50 for an adult ticket in peak season. Visit the website and you can buy an adult ticket in advance from £12 (weekday) and £14 (weekend). Concessions are priced from £12 and children £6.


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