At Home with Eilidh: top tips for becoming more eco-friendly

It’s those little changes that make a big difference. Blogger Eilidh will be filling us in each issue with her top tips for becoming more eco-friendly around the home.


Forgetting your reusable bags when shopping and leaving your refillable bottle of water at home is so frustrating, I know the struggle! I’ve spent the last few years trying to reduce our single use plastics after realising recycling just wasn’t enough. But it can be hard to know where to begin.

Before you feel overwhelmed, though, remember that none of us are perfect. One small change is still a change for the better when we’re trying to live more sustainably. If we all do a little, it all adds up!


Here are some easy family swaps to try;

Rethink your coffee. Stop using plastic coffee pods. Change to a coffee machine that uses espresso coffee rather than pods. The coffee is better too! Or buy compostable coffee capsules, which are made from sugar cane and paper pulp and can be thrown on the heap in your garden after you’ve used them.

Change your search engine. Instead of using your normal search engine, make Ecosia your default. It works in the same way as better-known options, but uses the advertising revenue from your searches to plant trees around the world.

Buy loose fruit and veg. Even better, walk to a local farm shop and support local too.

Look at your toothbrush buying habits. Change to a bamboo toothbrush or swap your plastic electric toothbrush heads for recyclable ones.

Sign up for a milk delivery. Use your local milkman so that it arrives on your doorstep in glass bottles. You will be supporting local farmers too.

Buy a reusable water bottle and remember to take it with you. If you like your water cold, opt for an insulated one. More cafes and shops now offer water to fill up with and it saves you money too!

When you are buying toys look for a wooden or eco-friendly version. Check local charity shops or selling pages for pre-loved and save yourself some money too.

Drink your coffee in the coffee shop or use a reusable coffee cup for a grab and go. With many coffee places now providing the incentive of cheaper coffees when using a reusable cup, it’s a great idea. 

Stop buying new clothes! Do you really need it? If you do, try finding what you need, second hand first.

Eco-friendly cloths shopping - buy nearly new and used.

Use matches instead of a lighter. Simple yet effective and an easy change to make. 

Look at your teabags. Did you know that most teabags contain plastic? Shop for biodegradable tea bags or invest in a stainless-steel tea strainer and a tin of loose-leaf tea.

Eat leftovers for lunch and help make a dent in the millions of tonnes of household food waste we throw away in the UK every year.

To store your leftovers swap clingfilm (which is a single use plastic) for reusable beeswax cloths, a repurposed glass jar or any Tupperware you already have.

Just Eilidh, new contributor gives tips on how to be more eco-friendly at home. Photo of household eco items

When you next need to replace your razor swap to a longer lasting metal razor body, or invest in a rechargeable one, over buying disposables. 

Swap to a bar of soap. Go for a natural, handmade bar and it will keep even dry skin soft!

Stop using plastic straws and cutlery. “It’s only one straw,” said 3million people. If you really feel the need for straws, get a set of reusable ones. You can take a set of cutlery with you from home, or purchase a set designed for travel.

If your child is in nappies, switch to reusable. You can save pounds by doing this and help the environment at the same time. Check out your local nappy library who will be able to help you.

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