The best wine for your BBQ

Matt Dicks, a WSET qualified Beers, Wines and Spirits Specialist for Waitrose and Eastlife’s columnist, shares his advice for the perfect BBQ wines …cheers!

It’s barbecue season and the sun has assured me he’s going to continue to keep his straw boater on so time to raid the supermarket shelves for charcoal, order deliveries from your local butchers and stock up on burgers and bangers, and fire up those flames!

Lighting up the barbecue is the perfect excuse to spend time with family or friends over a glass of vino. In days gone by I used to volunteer at a society near Peterborough and after a day’s work in the blazing sun there was nothing better than some banter over a barbecue, topped off by Sharon’s epically, rich and gooey trifle. The perfect end to a day.

But what wine can you match with your smoky splendour? Well, with that charcoal smell lingering in the air and a corkscrew at the ready, cue the barbecue booze!


Friends enjoying a BBQ - Top BBQ wines to enjoy this Summer by Eastlife Magazine

Top Red BBQ wines

Waitrose Douro Valley Reserva Quinta da Rosa

This wonderfully smooth and rich red is bursting with black fruits and spice. If you haven’t tried this Douro delight then now is the time, it’s a barbie no-brainer. Perfect for standing up against those chargrilled sausages and burgers whilst it also works well with smoky marinades and rubs.

Cuvée des Vignerons, Beaujolais

Chilled reds are ideal barbecue juice such as this young, fruity example from the Beaujolais region of France. Produced using the gracious Gamay grape and brimming with fresh red fruits, its ace after half an hour in the fridge. Just in time to liven up your rack of lamb.

Wirra Wirra Church Block Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz/Merlot

An article about barbecue wines wouldn’t be complete without a classic Aussie red. This down-under diva is blended using three popular varieties from sun-kissed McLaren Vale and named after a small patch of land next to the church at Bethany. Match with a flame-grilled steak and it’ll give you the urge to ‘go off like a frog in a sock’!

Top White and Rose BBQ wines

Paul Mas Viognier/Sauvignon Blanc

Chargrilling some chicken? Maybe some prawns or shellfish? Look no further than this characterful, plump white from sun-laden Southern France, complete with its own zing and tang from the grapefruit and tropical notes. If you’re adding a touch of Middle Eastern spice such as cumin, coriander or mint, it works wonders with this too.

Bijou Rosé Cabrieres Cuvee Sophie Valrose

I love a good rosé in the sun, stick in an ice bucket for an hour and sip at your own pleasure. Whilst this is great it also has another trick up its sleeve as this summer sensation also works with Asian flavours such as lime and chilli. Full to the brim with raspberry and cherry notes it’s a delight to serve after your meaty feast!

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