Cambridge Foodie: 10 vegan hot spots in Cambridge

Plant based food; a trend or keeper?

We knew it was coming. The predictions were out last year. Plant based food would the be hottest food trend for 2018. Fuelled by the many food scandals, increasing food awareness and healthier life style choices, vegans are not in the minority anymore.

Six years ago when I started the Cambridge Food Tour, vegetarian food on our food walking tours were a hard find. Cambridge has changed big time. Now there are always vegetarian alternatives available. A year ago, I decided to check the vegan alternatives in Cambridge and it was a hard find. A month ago, I took stock again and much to my surprise, it is just as easy as vegetarian food now. But not all vegan alternatives are tasty though.

I am great believer of flavoursome food. My diet has been plant based since I was a child. This doesn’t mean, that it is only plants on my plate. I don’t think in choices, but go for the most appealing option so I often opt for vegetarian or vegan food when I am at home or out for a meal. If I don’t eat vegan or vegetarian then I apply the 80/20 rule, which means 80% plants.


Vegan only restaurants are still a hard find in Cambridgeshire. Stem + Glory was the first to open a vegan restaurant in Cambridge two years ago, followed by their cafe in King Street last year. They decided that the Cambridge concept needed to be taken further afield. After a very successful crowdfunding campaign, they are ready to open up in London and soon in many other cities throughout England.

Enjoy a dish at Lucyat35 in Ely

The second vegan restaurant has opened their doors in Ely. Lucyat35, a vegan and gluten free restaurant will be probably a great success as Ely organises many vegan food fairs yearly.

Our top 10 vegan hot spots in Cambridge

  1. Stem + Glory
  2. Espresso library
  3. Novi Cambridge
  4. Street food at the Cambridge market
  5. Tapas at Tu Casa and Tabanco
  6. Prana restaurant
  7. The Free Press pub
  8. Alimentum and Restaurant 22 ( prior notice)
  9. Doppelganger burger
  10. Special edition – Vegan Cambridge Food Tour

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