Cambridge Foodie: A spring in your step

It’s funny how you can be fooled into something. We all thought that spring was already here with the balmy temperatures we had in February. I loved every minute of it, but a warm spell like this means that nature is completely confused. It’s back to colder weather again, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t venture outside. It is good for clearing the cob webs and to achieve your daily steps to keep fit.

I am a keen cyclist and walker, but my favourite time of the week for a walk or a bike ride is definitely on a Sunday. Long walks ending up in a cosy pub for a roast dinner and a nice glass of red wine, and if possible, with my dogs. This is the perfect Sunday afternoon for me, especially after a morning in the allotment.

We are all comfort animals and love traditions, but did you know, that the Sunday roast is under threat? Not just because of the declining number of pubs, but we are now all too busy doing something else during this prime time. Pubs started to offer all day Sunday lunch to overcome this problem. With changing diets, the traditional Sunday roast is having a makeover too. Butternut and nut roasts have made an appearance on the menu, but vegetarian or vegan risottos are popular too.


There is another culprit for the decline in the Sunday roasts. The posh breakfast! The time that breakfast and lunch join forces, hence it is called ‘brunch’. Traditionally served from 11am to 2pm, it is now very popular as an all-day meal. There are so many funky variations, that it almost has nothing to do anymore with a mix of breakfast and lunch offerings. What do you have after a huge brunch? Definitely not a Sunday roast!

We are very lucky with a nice selection of pubs in Cambridge where you can enjoy a good Sunday lunch. However, it can be more of a challenge further afield in the villages, but rest assured there are still some pretty good pubs around.

My big challenge was  how to deal with this massive clash of Sunday comfort food. It is not just a roast anymore, so to please all parties, I have listed some excellent places for delicious comfort roasts and funky alternatives and included some walks to get your steps in too…

Restaurants along the river in Cambridge 

Nothing is better than to watch the world go by on the river Cam. I never get bored of this.

The Plough and the Ancient Shepard – Fen Ditton 

 The Rupert Brooke and the Green Man – Grantchester 

The Waterman – Chesterton Road, Cambridge

Take in the historic sights of Cambridge 

We know it can get busy in the city, but wandering around the colleges through the small alleyways has something romantic about it. Take a walk around the backs and head back via Mill Pond.

Mill Pond Pub – Mill Pond, Cambridge

The Cambridge Chop House – King’s Parade, Cambridge

Restaurants on the back streets of Cambridge 

I love going off the beaten track. There is so much to discover out there and many great places to find. We include many of these gems on our Food Tours.

Free Press Pub – Prospect Row, Cambridge

The Panton Arms – Panton Street, Cambridge

The Petersfield – Hooper Street, Cambridge

The Geldart – Ainsworth Street, Cambridge

The Claredon Arms – Clarendon Street, Cambridge

Brunch in Cambridge 

Not into a roast dinner? Keen to have a brunch or something else?

Novi Cambridge – for brunch – Regent Street, Cambridge

The Punt Yard – for brunch, the Quay Side, Cambridge

The Cambridge Cookery School – for brunch, Purbeck Road, Cambridge

Stem & Glory – for vegan food – King Street, Cambridge

Tu Casa – for tapas and a sharing paella – Mill Road, Cambridge

Let’s venture outside Cambridge

There are some lovely places outside Cambridge too. Beautiful country walks and the historic Bury St. Edmunds is always a joy to visit.

Ben’s Restaurant – for farm to fork Sunday roasts – Bury St Edmunds

Tuddenham Mill – Tuddenham

The Boot – Histon

The Plough – Shepreth

The Three Hills – Bartlow

Dog & Duck – Linton

Brix + Mortar – Duxford


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