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This month our Cambridge foodie, Gerla de Boer, discusses the best place for sharing boards in Cambridge 

Have you eagerly looked to the other side of the table and wanted to have a taste of the food of the person you are having a meal with? We all have done it! It’s a bit rude to ask to share if you hardly know the person but accepted if it is family or a very good friend. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to bite your lip and could tuck into what your fellow diner is eating?

Beef at The Salt Pig, Cambridge

A lot of cultures share their food as having a meal is more about the social element then just feeding you. It is rather strange, that we share our food at home, but as soon as we step outside our attitude changes. We order our own starters, mains and desserts and don’t let anybody near it. Apparently, it is all Alexander Kurakin’s fault. Service a la Russe, which is bringing courses to the table sequentially, was brought to him to France in the 19th century and it later caught on in England and Western restaurants too.

So if it wasn’t for him, we would still have a sharing culture of food. It is a pity as for a foodie like me, sharing food is great as you can enjoy a lot more different flavours than if you would have a traditional English meal of a starter, main and dessert. With a party of six, you could possibly have 18 different types of food! A no-brainer I would think? I love travelling to Asia and Spain as it is all about feasting and sharing.

It makes you wonder what would the food have looked like now? No stunning creations, which are almost too pretty to eat? This question will never be answered I am afraid.


Dessert at The Salt Pig, Cambridge

Sharing food is coming back though. Quite a few restaurants in New Zealand have taken on the new trend of sharing food. When the food is ready it is brought to the table. The Southern hemisphere is often a step ahead of us, so give it some time and we’ll be sharing food again.

If you can’t wait to share food with your fellow diners, you always can head off to one of the Asian restaurants and order the food to come out as a banquet or to one of the North African ones, where it is called a Meze. Some of the local pubs have sharing boards or order a few starters and mains instead and ask to share.

One of the best places to go for sharing food is the newest kid in town, Salt Pig on Green Street. This all-day Brasserie serves up delicious food starting at breakfast time to dinner. Quite a few of their nibbles, starters and mains are perfect for sharing so get a group of friends or family together and feast! Book a table at

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