Cambridge Foodie: Plant-based food is not just for hipsters

Food is always on top of my agenda. I am always on the outlook for new ideas, new food and trends! Talking to locals and fellow foodies is just as important as tucking into a plate of food or trying the latest cocktail. Quite often I have heated discussions as food is a very personal thing.

A few months ago, the heading of my article about the veganism wave was; ‘Plant-based food a trend or a keeper? In the past vegans were seen as sandal-wearing malnourished people, who only would chew on a bowl of lentils. Vegan food became very popular amongst the hipster population in the major cities all over the world, but it has spread further afield at a rapid pace.

This previous niche market is now moving into a serious player, it has grown with 360% over the last 10 years. A lucrative business as you can see. So big companies and the high street are adapting to get a share of this market. Many vegetarian products are now labelled vegan instead of vegetarian, the vegan choices in restaurants and pubs are growing, many even have now a vegan night and the offering in the supermarkets is substantial.


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Often people comment; why do vegans want to eat something which tastes and looks like meat? There is a huge misunderstanding, vegans do like the taste of meat, but they have stopped eating meat as they don’t agree with the cruelty done to animals during farming and the final process.

One of the first vegan companies in the world, Vivera, has just launched a veggie steak, which tastes very good! I also tried the pulled veggie which was a winner too. Purezza, who owns the first vegan pizza restaurants in England in Brighton and London, are going to produce their own vegan cheese. It will be made out of natural ingredients, free from preservatives, modified starch and lactic acid. Most importantly, no palm oil, which is not sustainable and used in most of the vegan cheeses.

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Will vegan food look attractive soon too? I hope so, as the hospitality industry previously thought that vegetarian food needed to be a carbo-loading meal, the vegan offering seems to be often a curry, lentils or something similar. Check out The Plant Lab on Instagram, they have some amazing examples of how vegan food can look appetising too.

My top 5 vegan favourites in Cambridge

  1. MeatLess |
  2. The Mac Daddy |
  3. Doppelgänger burger |
  4. Arepa’s Station |
  5. Dulcedo Patisserie



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