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All the new places in Cambridge you should know about

This month, Gerla de Boer, lists the latest restaurants opening in Cambridge including in an Indian restaurant near the station, chocolate shops, a bakery and pop ups along the river. 

Tawa Kitchen

2019 has been quite a year on the high street. We saw a lot of stores and restaurants closing, and it makes you wonder if it is worth heading into town? The short answer is, yes! I have been running food tours for over 7.5 years, and I have seen a lot of changes.

When I started the Cambridge Food Tour in 2012, the focus was on British food, but soon this changed as the diversity and quality in the offering evolved. Coming from the Netherlands with easy access to Europe and having lived in Cape Town for a few years, I was used to an excellent variety of food. I was pleased to see that the food scene was slowly changing; the diversity increased and at the same time, the quality too.

So why do so many restaurants close down, not just in Cambridge but all over the country? On our food walking tours, we meet a lot of foodies, and they are very knowledgeable about food. Fuelled and inspired by food programmes, the internet and travel, people become more discerning and know these days what a dish should taste like. In a nutshell, they expect quality. Restaurants can’t get away with mediocre quality anymore. It has to be better than at home.

Hills St

Places come and go, and over the last year, we have seen a considerable number of exciting openings and collaborations. This is my round-up of the last three months of 2019 and watch this space as there is more to come…


Let’s start with CB1, the station area straight away springs to mind. Actually, CB1 runs from Mill Road to Cherry Hinton Road. Here are the newly opened businesses:

Il Pomodoro

This Italian restaurant opened their doors in December in Homerton Court, just off Hills Road. They serve authentic Italian cuisine and pizzas.

Tawa Kitchen

A delightful modern Indian cafe just behind We Works on Station road. You can look forward to authentic and nutritious food with a twist.

Malloys’ Craft Butchery

Mike Malloy opened his craft butchery in November at the station. He serves the finest cuts and freshly prepared dishes-to-go. The place to get your Waygu and Jaygu meat.

New restaurants in the historic centre of Cambridge

Hill St Chocolatier

Their tagline says it all; ‘Born in Essex. Trained in Paris. Sourced Locally. Crafted with Love. Executed with Flair. Brilliantly British. Hill St.’ This fantastic chocolatier opened their second shop in All Saints passage, right next to the Cambridge Cheese Company. They also have a store in Saffron Walden.

Mercado Central

This is a new Spanish restaurant in Green Street. Mercado Central brings beautiful market produce to your plate. Inspired by Spain’s historic markets and restaurants, they celebrate high quality, seasonal ingredients and even make their own gin.

Bould Brothers

Restaurants at the Grafton Centre

Gail’s Bakery

This popular baker from London has opened its doors in Cambridge too. It is part of the huge food expansion at the Grafton Centre. You can look forward to delicious homemade bread and other bakes. Check out their cafe for breakfast, lunch and salads.

Harry Specters Chocolates

Cambridge clearly has a sweet tooth! The second chocolate shop to open within one month. The award-winning chocolates are made by young people with autism. By buying them, you’ll empower these young adults.

New restaurants by the river in Cambridge


This riverside bar and arts venue based at the Cambridge Museum of Technology opened their doors last year. Their newest addition is a cafe/wine bar.

Food news in Cambridge 

The Cambridge Cookery School and Mark Poynton

Following the success of Michelin star chef, Mark Poynton’s autumn 2019 pop-ups, he will be joining Cambridge Cookery on Fridays, serving a three-course meal and a tasting menu on Saturday evenings.

Bould Brothers

Max and Alex Bould opened the first Bould Brothers cafe a few years ago next to the Round Church. After big success, they decided to open their second cafe in Regent Street. Completely in style with the businesses around them, they have given it an Asian look.





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