Cambridge Foodie: A Taste of the World in the City

Holiday memories of a globetrotter foodie

Travel and food have always been in my blood. From the early teens, I was the person in the family who would map out the journeys and wouldn’t hesitate to add a twist whilst en route.


These off the beaten track de-tours became known as ‘Gerla’s shortcuts’, which would take us most of the time miles away from where we were heading for.

Nothing has changed over the years. Google map is a great tool, but there is nothing better than a proper map as you can’t always rely on a mobile connection. One thing maps don’t do is surprise you by the surroundings so I always follow my eyes and it has taken us to some quite unusual finds! Including nice places to eat and drink.

Food is always on top of my agenda when I travel or visit a place. My eyes always get drawn to food, even when I am out shopping. I used to be a buyer so I always scan shops for new products and trends, especially in the food and drink section.


So it might not surprise you, that my holiday memories are often based around the food I have had or restaurants with amazing views. I can remember every single place where I have eaten with the most stunning sceneries. It is a very important part of enjoying a meal in my opinion. Of course, I snap away to record the delicious food, but I take notes too so I can either find the recipe online or try to figure out myself how to reproduce it.

So what are my latest holiday foodie memories and where to go in Cambridge to get something similar?

Split – Bruschetta drowned in red wine and topped with chunky tomato sauce

Comfort food in Cambridge – The Petersfield and the Punter

Verona – Ricotta Gnocchi and truffle and Spaghetti with raw creamed oyster

Good Italian food in Cambridge – Gattuso’s

Bray – Heston Blumenthal’s breakfast starter

Mind-blowing creations – Midsummer House

Cartmel – Truffle bread and butter pudding at L’Enclume

Pushing the boundaries – Restaurant 22 and Alimentum

Paternoster – Foraged succulents

Foraged food – The Cambridge Cheese Company

London – Masala chickpeas and curry leaves at Scully Restaurant

Excellent Indian food in Cambridge – Prana lounge and Navadhanya

Hanoi – Beatle leaves and Pho

Asian comfort food in Cambridge – Zhonghua and Noodles +



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