Cambridge Foodie: What’s new in Cambridge

This month Gerla de Boer discusses the newest restaurants opening their doors in the city of Cambridge

It’s pretty hot out there! Certainly not the weather, although we’ve had a very mild winter until recently. I am talking about the local food scene. I always think that I can predict what is next, but I have to say many of the new openings have taken me by surprise.

M&S Plant Kitchen – cauliflower popcorn, £3

Vegan products have become extremely popular in the UK, so much in fact, that we are now the market leader in vegan products. From a niche product, it has grown up as a serious player on the market. Mark & Spencer’s have recognised this with the launch of a  new line of 60 vegan gourmet products. It also makes you wonder if there is anything else new under the sun? Yes, there is indeed! I am writing this article whilst travelling in Australia, often seen as one to the leading countries for food trends. Apparently, the next big thing is also a plant-based cuisine. Not a new one, but an ancient one, Greek!

At home in Cambridge, we can look forward to a huge number of new openings in the food scene. Some of them will be open by the time you are reading this, others will soon open their doors. From fine dining to fast food and coffee, there is something for everybody.

Let’s kick off with fast food; burgers! Do we need more as there are quite a few burger joints around already? However, these are not the kind of burgers you are used to. They are vegan! I couldn’t believe it, that not just one but two vegan burger places decided to open their doors in Cambridge in January. Doppleganger Burger in Regent Street and Vegan Vice has a permanent kitchen take over at Ta Bouche.


Vegna Vice

One of our favourite street food traders has decided to have a permanent base too. Brix + Mortar by Provenance Kitchen, is a cafe and deli that serves delicious food cooked over an open fire in Whittlesford. I am a big fan of real fire. It gives the food a distinct flavour and there is nothing better than slow-cooked food and pizza from a wood fired oven.

Thirsty, the well-known quirky bottle shop, bar and eatery on Chesterton Road now has a base in King Street. Thirsty & Hungry serves up a good glass of wine, craft beer and delicious food designed by Mark Poynton.

Mill Road is going to be the hotbed for new foodie places this year. In December the Cambridge Waffle Bar and the Turkish baker Bravo opened their doors at the back end of Mill Road. Artisans at heart, they make everything from scratch. In March, Alex Rushmer and Lawrence Butler will open Vanderleyle with daily changing menus and seasonal food. Our favourite Sicilian cafe, Aromi has introduced ‘Aperitivo’ time at Bene’t Street. 

Have fun eating and drinking your way around these new foodie hotspots!

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