The Cambridge Scene: Sushi making masterclass

This month Cambridge blogger Tracey Dean reviews  The Cambridge Cookery School’s Sushi Making Master Class

16142716_1243692635668139_940566180092663608_nI was really excited to discover that the award winning Cambridge Cookery School based off of Hills Road run classes in the art of making sushi. I absolutely love sushi and have always wanted to learn how to make this Japanese delight!

Their three hour hands on Sushi Making Master Class is set in a beautifully spacious contemporary kitchen and teaches participants to make a variety of sushi such as hosimaki, temaki sushi and uramaki. From discovering how to make sushi rice and vinegar to learning fish and vegetable cutting techniques the class equips you with all the knowledge you need to make sushi in the comfort of your own home.

The teacher, an expert Chef demonstrated how to make each type of sushi and wowed the room with her chopping techniques and extensive knowledge. After each demonstration the class recreated what we were shown with the Chef and two Assistants on hand to answer any questions and offer assistance.

My personal highlight of the evening was making uramaki also known as the inside out roll. To make 16174695_1243691922334877_8478636476678427066_nthis I placed a seaweed sheet on to a bamboo mat and pressed a handful of sticky rice on to the sheet. I then flipped it over placing down the sliced vegetables and fish before rolling it up. This was the tricky part, rolling it incorrectly sees your sushi fall to pieces (this happened to me at the start!) but as I practiced throughout the evening I began to get the technique. It was very satisfying to see progress in such a short space of time. The final step was to chop it in to slices and then it was ready to enjoy.


I’d highly recommend this class to everyone! It was a fun packed enjoyable evening with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We used high quality ingredients to make the sushi and were given boxes to take home all the delicious food we had made.

It was great to learn a new skill and the teacher was fantastic at demonstrating the techniques in an easy to follow way.

The room layout allowed everyone to chat and get to know each other making it the perfect social outing and you also get treated to a glass of Prosecco that’s topped up throughout the night.

The class left me feeling inspired to make sushi and my newfound knowledge along with the recipe pack given at the class will allow me to recreate everything I have learnt.

I can’t wait to practice all the recipes and I’m now looking forward to making sushi for all my family and friends!

Click here for more information about the Cambridge Cookery School’s Sushi Making Master class 

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