Could your dog be a ‘canine critic’?

Dog-friendly travel company,, 
is recruiting for a dog to become its official ‘Canine Critic’.

The travel website offers dog-friendly holiday cottages in East Anglia and throughout the UK, and they need a furry four-legged inspector. 

The successful four-legged applicant (and their owner) will be responsible for reviewing four dog-friendly holiday properties around the UK in 2018 and will need to keep regular, up-to-date blogs and share their experiences on social media.


The team at Canine Cottages ( are offering a salary of ‘treats and snacks’, as well as four separate holidays for the pooch offered the role of ‘Canine Critic’. The successful candidate will also need an owner savvy enough about social media and blog writing to ensure that all trips can be well documented and reviewed.

All those wishing to apply for the role aimed at helping future dog-owning customers make the right decision when it comes to their perfect holidays, must ensure that their dog is at least six months old and fit & healthy enough to enjoy an abundance of trips around England, Scotland and Wales in 2018.

They will also need to be able to handle long car journeys and walks on different beaches, hills and in forest environments to report back their experiences to Canine Cottages HQ.

All humans looking to apply on behalf of their canine companions can do so here:

Entry closes on 22 April. Good luck! 


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