Debauchery And Drama At Bury St Edmunds

Warning: This feature is now out of date

debauchery, drama, bury st edmunds, theatre royal, suffolk, eastlifeDebauchery and drama will hit the Theatre Royal’s stage this month, as a trio of top class productions about the ups and downs of life balanced with joie de vivre fill March to the brim.
Premiering their show at the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds will be Out of Joint Theatre Company with their probing look into the NHS, as they follow the journey of one elderly lady through the digestive system of this much-maligned institution and ask, what is the diagnosis for this huge and occasionally ungainly system?
Directed by the renowned Max Stafford-Clark, this production is written by his wife, Stella Feehily and draws upon the series of major strokes suffered by the director in 2006, leaving him hospital-bound for 6 months.
Filled with horror and hilarity and starring the great Stephanie Cole and Jane Wymark, the production takes dips into the surreal, as a parrot channels the voice of Margaret Thatcher, and nurses break into song! Meanwhile pathos and satire also play their part as the plaster is ripped off this divisive institution. So steel yourself, because this may hurt (a bit!)
Also with a medical slant, Visitors (starring Linda Bassett of Larkrise to Candleford fame and Robin Soans) will be dropping in for one night only… In a farmhouse at the edge of Salisbury Plain, a family is falling apart as they address the best way of caring for an ageing relative.
They can’t afford to stay at home and look after her; they can’t afford to put her into care… As Edie’s mind unravels, her family are forced to ask “are we living the way we want?” Visitors takes a haunting, beautiful look at the way our lives slip past us.
By contrast, a rip-roaring journey through the wild and carnivalesque festival of Twelfth Night, is brought to the theatre by Filter, in association with The Royal Shakespeare Company. This contemporary production of Twelfth Night embraces the wildness of Shakespeare’s party-play, and revels in the music, folly and tomfoolery, all the while staying true to the ever-impressive words of the nation’s brilliant bard.
This May Hurt a Bit: 6 – 15 March
Twelfth Night: 18 – 22 March
Visitors: 31 March
Box office: 01284 769505
To book visit or call 01223 300085


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