Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know

Find the right dietary supplements for you. Multi-vitamins, superfood blends and nutrients; Roddy McDonald the founder of Water For Health, shares his expertise. 


As increasing numbers of people look to natural health products and services to maintain their health, one of the consistent questions consumers ask when considering a nutritional regime is “where do I begin?”

Typical advice from “authorities” is that if we eat a balanced diet there is no requirement to supplement our diets. That is true but sadly many people do not eat a balanced, nutrient rich diet. Hence there is often significant benefit to supplementing additional nutrients to make up for the deficit.

The standard response to the question as to “where do I begin” would be to take a multi vitamin. That may not be the best choice. There are two main considerations, one is to ensure we are taking the right nutrients and the second is to ensure that they are being properly absorbed. No supplement will give us benefit, if it is not absorbed by our bodies.


Modern living, in terms of diets, high levels of stress and environmental pollution is sadly having an adverse impact on many people’s biochemistry and in particular body pH balance. If the body pH is deviating slightly towards acidity this will adversely impact absorption of nutrients in addition to setting the scene for health problems.  As a result it is important to ensure that you consume adequate amounts of foods that are mineral rich to help maintain proper balance.

One of the popular trends is to consume green superfood blends, most of which have an alkalising effect on the body and have a wealth of nutrients. Since they are ‘food’ the body will utilise them better than synthetic nutrients. Green Vibrance powder developed by clinical nutritionist Mark Timon has led the way in this field for over 20 years, constantly being improved as new ingredients become available.

Along with greens taking an alkaline mineral salt in the bicarbonate form will be enormously helpful to promote pH balance, because of the ability of the bicarbonates to buffer excess acidity. Products such as Alkamax make a convenient daily addition to the diet. By helping to promote better pH balance you are helping the body absorb more nutrition from your food and any supplementation.

vitamins and fruit

Two other nutrients that should be considered are Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D. Most people consume too much Omega 6 fatty acids and insufficient Omega 3’s. Omega 3’s are necessary for heart health and brain health. Fish oils are the commonest source of Omega 3’s although there are now vegan sources. It is vitally important when consuming fish oils to ensure high levels of purity. American independent laboratory Labdoor does an annual assessment of fish oil brands to check quality through extensive purity testing.

There is no substitute for sunshine. If your skin is not getting adequate exposure to sunshine then it is sensible to take a supplement of Vitamin D3, particularly if you are dark skinned. If you are vegan you may also benefit with additional Vitamin B12.  A new brand Frunutta supplies these in an easy to take sublingual form.

Ensuring your diet has adequate nutrients will greatly help immunity and reduce the chances of succumbing to inflammatory and degenerative diseases. However where possible get these nutrients from food or supplements with whole food dense nutrition. It is important to ensure that your diet is accompanied by clean, health promoting water, which will also aid nutrient absorption.


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