Dog Separation Anxiety: Leaving dogs home alone after lockdown

If you’re worried about your dog missing you when you return to work, there are some things you can start to do now to prepare them for being left alone to prevent many dog separation anxiety issues.

Our dogs have enjoyed their humans being home 24/7 as much as we have enjoyed their company too.  It’ll come as no surprise that it’s going to be difficult for them getting back into a normal routine once we return to work but, now is the time to start preparing them.

Dog looking out of window waiting for owner to return - dog separation

Slowly increase separation times

Start leaving them alone now for short periods. As lockdown rules are more relaxed and we’re able to get out and meet with other people take this opportunity to leave your dog at home. Begin with short lengths of time by themselves, maybe leave them in the house and go outside for a few minutes and listen for any barking or crying. If you’re happy they’re settled, you could pop to the local shop then gradually increase their time alone. Don’t leave them too long to begin with.

Don’t be surprised if they want to come with you, after all, they’ve had you all to themselves for a long time now.


Create a safe space for your dog

If you’re dog is not happy with being left try making them a den, use that old crate if they have one or create a space with their favourite blankets and toys in a quiet place in your home. Start making the den the best place ever so they’ll want to go there and know that amazing things happen in the den. You can do this by hiding treats in there at different times of the day then making a big deal about exploring what’s in there, the more animated you are, the more exited they’ll be especially when they find something yummy hidden under their blanket.

Ideal dog distraction toys

Treat dispenser toys such as Kongs are another way to keep your dog entertained while spending time alone. Make sure they are filled with something safe to lick rather than chews that they’ll need supervision with. For the pups who finish a Kong in record time, prepare one in advance and freeze it for a longer challenge, licking is soothing for them too and will help relax them once they’ve finished.

If you need some inspiration, here’s a link for some yummy tried and tested favourites

Canine CCTV!

Want to check in on your dog while you’re out? Maybe you’re worried they’ll get up to things they shouldn’t. There’s a whole range of technology available that allows you to see what your dog gets up to when you’re away from home. From simple camera’s that stream to your phone to camera’s with speakers so you can chat to your dog and even super smart technology that dispenses treats.

If you’re dog is having issues and they are really struggling with being left, it might be worth a vet visit to get help finding a behaviourist who can help you if you suspect they have separation anxiety.

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