Stay At Home Easter Egg Trail Clues

At a time when we need to spread joy and fill the air with giggles and laughter more than ever, we bring you a little moment of simple fun this Easter.

If you’re like me you’ll love the idea of a treasure hunt or Garden Easter Egg Hunt but not have a clue where to start. More to the point how to write clues for your Easter Egg Trail! Never fear, we’ve put our heads together to give you some ideas below for a trail in the garden…

What you’ll need for your Garden Easter Egg Hunt

Card (use a cut up cereal box if you have none)
Marker Pen (or a pen that won’t bleed if it gets damp)
Easter Eggs!
Children (unless you are a household of just adults, we won’t judge!)

What to do if you can’t get out to get Chocolate Easter Eggs?

If you have managed to get hold of some eggs, then hard boil them and decorate them with some of the design ideas below. Afterwards you can make them into egg sandwiches if you’re now planning on keeping them for decoration for a few days.


Garden Easter Egg Hunt Clues

1)     (Give this clue to them to start them off!)

The Easter Bunny has been today and left you some eggs to find…

He’s spread his clues far and wide

So put on your shoes and hop outside!


2)     (Hide this clue in their shoes)

We’ll tell you if you’re cold or hot

As the next clue is in a flower pot!


3)     (Hide this clue in a flower pot in your garden)

We use this when the weather is fine

To peg out our clothes along the line…


4)     (peg this clue to your washing line)

Touch your nose, pat your head

Jump 3 times and skip to the shed!


5)     (Hide this clue in your garden shed)

“Where are the eggs” I hear you moan

Well the next clue is hidden under a stone…


6)     (Hide this clue under a big stone)

The end is in sight, we’re nearly there

You now need to find the right garden chair!


7)     (Hide this clue under a garden chair)

So you’ve found clues under stones and in garden sheds

The next place to look is in the flower bed!


8)     (Bury this clue in a flower bed)

You’re so nearly there, this is clue number eight

And you’ll find the very last one on the garden gate…


9)     (Attach this clue to your garden gate)

We hope you’ve enjoyed your Easter Egg trail

To find your prize just look for the Bunny’s tail!


(Hide the Easter Eggs with a fluffy bunny’s tail nearby! – Use Cotton Wool to make an easy one or use a stuffed toy if you have a Rabbit to hand!)

FREE Printable – we’ve made life even easier for you and attached a free printable here.



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