Eastlife January 2018

Dear Reader, Happy New Year! January is a time to start fresh, which is why we’ve given our pages a little makeover – we hope you like it!

If you’ve decided to give yourself an overhaul in the New Year, be it your health, home or style then we have plenty of ideas to keep you on track. From new hobbies and sporting activities to updating the home on a budget, we have it covered.

If like me, and many others, you’ve pledged to join the vegan bandwagon in 2018, read our guide to the best restaurants on page 50. After the Christmas hype, January can make us feel rather down so get away from it all with our guide to North Norfolk and the best spas for a detox.

There’s also plenty of events and days out to keep you busy – no January blues here!


Here’s to a fabulous 2018!


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