Fashion: Get Ahead With a Hat!

Frosty mornings mean it is time to consider adding a hat to your list of stylish essentials, but how do you begin choosing one? I get clients to quickly glance at themselves in the mirror. Look up, then look away, then tell me what they notice is most dominant. Bright eyes? Soft muted features? Hair colour? Skin tone? Your dominant feature is a great guide to choosing the best hat to flatter yourself. 

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Select a hat that echoes something about your features; be that your hair colour, skin or eyes.  If you have very dark hair, a black felt hat will mirror this, and by adding dark glasses, it amplifies the effect. Furry hats tend to work well on those who have soft muted colouring, where the distinction between the hair, skin and eyes is soft rather than sharp. Smokey greys and soft camels are good choices.

Look at the colour of your eyes too. Brown eyes are amplified by choosing a hat of the same depth of brown, be that a deep rich chocolate or a mid-range chestnut. Hazel eyes and green eyes are complimented by green hats. If your eyes are blue, choose a corresponding blue shade and notice how prominent it makes your eyes. Those with blonde or white hair look good with paler colours such as the pastels. Hair would be your dominant feature if it is long; as it is the first thing you are likely to notice about someone. 

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An animal print hat is a pattern that works very well for those with multi-tonal hair, particularly in the light brown to caramel tones. Chose a warm tone to compliment your skin if you have golden highlights. If your hair is more ash blonde or grey, with silver highlights, go for a cool animal print instead.


You can amp up your head turning ability with a red lipstick or tone it down by choosing a neutral colour hat. The choice is yours. A hat can add style to any winter outfit so spend a little time choosing the right one so you can be confident knowing it looks and feels great on you.

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