Fashion: In the Navy

This month stylist fashion stylist Ruth Essex tells us how to wear navy 

Adding a few new items to our spring wardrobe makes us feel refreshed, re-energised and sartorially ready to move forward into the warmer months. And this season I am advocating, that unless you hate blue, navy is one of the most versatile colours that you can choose. 

Top £8, Jumpsuit £55. Marks & Spencer |

There are a number of reasons for this: a) it will never go out of fashion; b) there is a navy for everyone and; c) it goes with nearly every colour under the rainbow.

Consider your lifestyle and where your wardrobe feels a little lacking? Is it work outfits? Or every day wear? A new navy denim skirt might look fabulous by day but is probably not going to cut it in the office, unless casual wear is the norm. However, a pair of navy cotton trousers can be dressed up or down. Add a white shirt, a striped t-shirt or a coloured blazer and you have created a perfect spring time outfit. It is the accessories that take it from office to home.  Trainers for the weekend and then block red heels for the office maybe?

Tie waist linen blend culottes £24. M&Co |

Spring is also a good opportunity to shop your wardrobe and dig out that navy classic dress you wore to a wedding last year but were saving for best. If you love it, wear it, because in time you are likely to go off it or it will go out of date. If you have retired or had a lifestyle change, why not select something navy from your work wear wardrobe and see if you can make it work for your new lifestyle? A navy blazer from the office could be worn with your jeans for example.


One of the things I love about navy is the huge range of colours you can pair with it. Adding white makes it cool and refreshing, with a touch of the nautical. Green adds calming elements, whereas yellow can be more eye catching and cheerful. It goes with red to add some fire and excitement, whereas pink adds femininity. The list goes on. Experiement a little; you might be surprised how little navy doesn’t work with!


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