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Having a wardrobe full of clothes where every item makes your heart sing is wonderful style goal; however how do you work out what that is exactly? I use Pinterest for this, an electronic pin board where you can search for any item you are curious about and when you find one you love, pin it to your board and start collating. I would compare it to having a crush…and that is the name of my inspiration board. 

A bit like electronic brain storming, I try not to apply any boundaries to the outfits I pin, such as would the style suit my colouring or my body shape?  Otherwise I might miss out on the outfit that inspires my style crush for the season. 

Periodically, I return to the boards and look through the images to see what themes are repeated over and over; maybe a colour, a style or a particular item. If I am still really in love with an item, then I take the plunge and search for it in the shops or online, and try it out. 


Last season, my style crush was a tulle skirt. It may be the frustrated ballerina in me, not that I ever was one or wanted to be one! Yet, every time I saw a tulle inspired outfit, I was curious to see what it would look like on me. I found one online and bought it. Worst case scenario, I could simply return it or sell it on EBay. 

Using this technique, you will collect items you are in love with. Developing your style takes time and like any skill it takes practice. I would be being dishonest if I lead you to believe that style simply falls into your lap without trying outfits on. Lots of trying on! Curating your wardrobe in this way is much more a heart decision than a head one, but it is a method that brings much joy as you wander along on your personal style journey.  

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