Fashion: The death of style

Lots of women would like to be more stylish, but what is it that actually stops them achieving their goal? You might think it is budget, however this is not true. Kate Moss often shops in vintage stores and she never seems to put a sartorial foot wrong. However, Kim Kardashian has a massive budget, and yet has created some very questionable outfits. So, it isn’t money.

Next, is it someone’s figure? Again, I don’t believe. I have seen great style on both larger and smaller women, and men come to that, so size is not a barrier either.

Then one day, I heard a client say it to me; and the penny dropped.  The biggest barrier to style is how a person thinks of themselves, and what they are doing in the clothes they are wearing. Let me clarify.


I believe anyone can learn to be stylish, and I stand by that. Yes, there are rules and guidelines that are really helpful, but the biggest killer of style is two little words. “Just” and “Only”.

I am “only”going to the shops; I am “just” doing the school run. I am “only”nipping out for an hour. I am “just”having a BBQ. You get my drift. What if I said, try those sentences again, but take “just” and “only” out of the sentence? I am going shopping. I am doing the school run.

Then take it one step further. I am going out for the afternoon so I want to feel presentable and stylish. I have chosen a great outfit for our BBQ.  The psychoanalysts call it faulty thinking and it is something we can re-learn. Taking a different perspective, thinking you are worth taking the time and trouble over to look good, and consequently feeling great about yourself, is healthy and important. You have spent valuable time and money curating your wardrobe, so go ahead and wear your nicer clothes and feel good about your style. Everyday. You are worth more than an “only” or a “just”.

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