Five tips for a stress free wedding

Organising a wedding will likely be one of the biggest and costliest things you do in your lifetime. You want everything to be perfect, and with so many details to consider, things can often get a little hectic. However, beyond the confusion and confetti, budget and bridesmaids, there are a few simple steps which will make all come together smoothly. Read our top five tips for planning your big day without a hitch

Picking your party

It can be tricky choosing a maid of honour and bridesmaids, but as much as you want all those closest to you to be part of your big day, don’t feel obliged to please everyone. A huge wedding party can quickly rack up extra and unnecessary costs, and make some arrangements difficult. Ultimately, choose those you cherish and who will be able to help with planning and the organisation on the day itself.



Avoid DIY

Crafty ideas make look easy on Pinterest but think about the added pressure it may cause in the lead up to the wedding. Do you really want to be surrounded by glitter and glue a few nights before your wedding? Will you remember those tiny favours you spent hours making in the years to come? Choose décor that’s right for you!

Don’t skimp on photography

Though we’ve advised you not to go overboard with spending, photography is not a place to pinch the pennies. A good wedding photographer is worth their weight in gold. Not only will you have beautiful, perfectly edited images to look back at but most photographers are great with understanding timings on the day itself and lending a helping hand.



Know your limits. It’s easy to get carried away with wedding planning. You may want the perfect day, but you will also want a perfect life that’s not plagued by debt when the day is a distant memory.

Hire a planner

If the planning becomes too much, consider hiring a wedding planner. Their job is to help you create the perfect day so don’t panic about handing over some control. A wedding planner might not be as costly as you think, but if budget won’t allow discuss hiring a planner just for certain things you’re finding challenging or organisation of the day itself. It’s worth asking your venue if they have an in-house planner too!

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